TOLLDEN FARMS Beef & Botanical Blend

TOLLDEN FARMS Beef & Botanical Blend

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Meat & Botanical Blends

Tollden Farms' Botanical Blends have been carefully selected to help support the immune system of your pet.

Tollden Farms' Botanical Blends are uniquely formulated for all life stages of cats. Cats are obligate carnivores, which makes our Botanical Blend meals the perfect dinner for cats.

Botanical Blends offer an excellent option for dogs that exhibit symptoms related to allergies.

  • For dogs and cats of all life stages and all breeds
  • Only farm fresh, human grade materials
  • Antibiotic and growth hormone free
  • Grain free
  • Excellent source of Omega 3’s and 6’s


Double ground beef, heart, liver; botanical blend of seeds, roots and grasses consisting of: dandelion leaves, lemon grass, parsley, burdock root, oat straw, kelp, Omega 3 old water, cold pressed fish oil (18 DHA, 12 EPA), calcium carbonate

Nutritional Analysis (per kg)

  • Moisture - 69.00%
  • Protein - 14.75%
  • Phosphorus - 0.19%
  • Calcium - 0.33%
  • Ash - 1.89%
  • Fat - 14.10%
  • Fibre - <1.0%
  • Calories - 1,689 (kcal/kg)


Always use safe handling practices when feeding raw meat products. Never cook products that contain bone. Information contained herein does not substitute veterinary advice. Tollden Farms does not assume responsibility for the care and handling of one's pets.

Feeding Guide

We recommend rotating between as many protein sources as are available to you. The greater the variety, the broader the nutrients available to your pet, which will create the optimum balance over time.

We offer two diet recipes, one is the meat and vegetable blend, consisting of 10% vegetables, the other is the meat and botanical blend, which consists of about 1% ground roots, grasses, leaves and seeds.

Each offers their own benefits and even rotation between the two diet plans would provide even greater nutrients and variety.

If your dog likes chewing on “recreational” bones (and most dogs do), we carry a wide variety of bones for your dog to choose from. Please note that some bones (beef marrow bones) will contain a much higher fat content than normal meals, and this must be taken into account for your dog’s overall calorie count for the day. Turkey necks, chicken necks, boar bones would all be considered meal bones, and should be fed as a meal. Along with regular exercise, recreational chewing will round out a well-balanced, healthy dog’s life.

Variety will help ensure your pet is getting all the nutrients it needs to live a long and healthy life.

Adult dogs should be fed between 2-3% of their body weight per day, puppies should be fed between 5-7% of their current weight per day. Please note this is just a guideline, increase or decrease food as per age and activity level.