HEALTHY PAWS Big Box Dinner Turkey 16X1LB

HEALTHY PAWS Big Box Dinner Turkey 16X1LB

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Healthy Paws Big Box Dinners were specifically created for those pet owners with large or multiple dogs. This product is uniquely formulated to provide complete and balanced raw nutrition for large consumption households while at an excellent price. They are available in a 16 lb box, which contains 16 x 1 lb packs. Meat choices are chicken, turkey, beef or a variety pack containing all 3 proteins.

The Big Box Dinner is ideal for feeding dogs that are 40 lbs and above. As with our other products, we have tried to size the individual packages to be no more than a 2 day serving as we do not recommend keeping thawed food longer than 2 days. A forty pound dog would eat 2 of the 1lb packs in 2 days.

Big Box Dinners are produced at a larger grind diameter, with bigger chunks of food for larger dogs to enjoy. As a result, this food is not appropriate for dogs under 20 lb.


Our Turkey formula contains some of the finest turkey, sourced from an independent producer outside of London, Ontario. Whenever possible, the vegetables and fruits we use are purchased weekly from local suppliers. Our kelp is sourced from the shores of Nova Scotia and our fish oil is a blend of sardine and herring oil from the North Atlantic.

Big Box Dinners : Turkey per 100g serving

  • Protein - 15g
  • Fat - 4g
  • Carbs - 0.9g
  • Fibre - 0.5g
  • Natural Moisture - 79.6g
  • Meat - 75%
  • Veggies/Fruit/Supplements - 5%
  • Ground Bone - 15%
  • Organ 5%

Nutrition Analysis

​Big Box Dinners:
Human-grade turkey, frames, heart, liver, romain lettuce, celery, cucumber, kale, kelp, fish oil.

Turkey is a low fat meat and a source of zinc which is essential for a healthy immune system and needed to metabolize fat, protein and carbohydrates. Turkey is a very good source of the trace mineral selenium and is also a good source of niacin and vitamin B6. These two B vitamins are important for energy production. Niacin is essential for the conversion of the body's proteins, fats, and carbohydrates into usable energy.